Travel to London, England – Episode 352

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Hear about travel to London, England as the Amateur Traveler talks to Amber, an American Tour Guide in London, about her adopted city. Amber is an American expat from London who now takes people on walking tours of London. “I have lived and worked in London for about 12 years now and started tour guiding about 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I see London from a completely different perspective.” Both Amber and her husband always wanted to live in London. “It just feels like home”.

“I love working with people who have never been to a foreign country before and London is their first stop.” London is an easy first stop on a tour of Europe because the language is similar to what American’s speak and the history and culture are more familiar. “I call London the gateway drug to Europe. They try London out, ‘oh they speak English, yeah that might work and hey we managed to survive London and now we can go to Paris'”.

Amber starts us on a virtual walking tour of London at Trafalgar Square and takes us through both downtown London and Westminster with stops at well knows sites like the National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, St. Martins in the Field, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), Fleet Street, St Paul’s Cathedral and more. We weven learn where the former Texas Republic once had its legation.

We hear recommendations on inexpensive food in London, how to get around and how not to get around, and which sites will look familiar because of different movies. There is so much to cover on London and Amber was such a good guest that this will be a two part episode with Amber joining us again in January.

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Show Notes

American Tour Guide in London
Maps of London
Trafalgar Square
The National Gallery, London
Westminster Abbey
Berry Bros & Rudd
Fortnum and Mason
St. Paul’s Cathedral
St. Bartholomew the Great
Borough Market
American Tour Guide in London Facebook
Twitter: @AmericanLDN


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