Travel to Krakow, Poland – Episode 185 Transcript

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Travel to Krakow, Poland – Episode 185 Transcript

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Chris: And you mentioned you didn’t get to all of them. Which ones did you get to?

Raul: I got to see, and some of them were just random, there’s a National Museum that was undergoing some renovations so basically a lot of the things were not available. But it just had items from different times and specifically related to John Paul II was a specific exhibit they had at the time, which was open. But then you could also go to Erasmus Museum down towards Wawel Castle. Again on the hill there’s a slew of them on the hill that were pretty interesting as well. I did not get to see the Czartoryski Museum, which is a family that used to be part of nobility for centuries in Poland. And their museum includes a collection of artifacts not just from Poland but from Egypt and other places around the world too. I guess they amassed through the centuries and that one was one I wish I had gone to see because I read about it in a couple of different places. Outside of the city there’s a few more things you need to hit but as far as Krakow center proper, that I would say is the general sites all anchored around that square.

Chris: Ok. As you were reading your guidebooks preparing for the trip, anything that they recommended that you didn’t think was worth the time?

Raul: Not really. I only had so many days in town. Actually once you take out the travel days; we’re talking about five hard-core days to hit whatever I wanted to see. There was plenty that was pretty worthwhile. I prioritized first. So no I don’t think I had any misses when I tell you later about my day trips, I guess you’ll see why. I guess I didn’t get a good sense of how good the food was going to be. But that’s probably not as big a deal as far as planning the trip. Maybe the other thing that I had to do more of on my own was research on transportation. The guidebooks generally gave information on buses and routes but you never know if that’s still accurate or not. You still need to do you own checking before the trip to make sure you have the latest information on things like that.

Chris: And you say the food was a surprise. I can’t actually picture what Polish food would be like except for maybe Kielbasa or something like that.

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