Travel to Costa Brava, Spain – Episode 339

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Sherry Ott about Costa Brava Spain. Costa Brava is in Catalonia north of Barcelona on the rugged coastline of Spain. It also extends as far inland as the Pyrenees and includes farming country and medieval towns.

“It has a lot of surprises. I am going to say that it is the next Tuscany. The region itself has a variety that rivals anything Italy has to offer but yet it is relatively unknown to international travelers and especially Americans.You have got these beautiful landscapes, culture, food, beaches, farms, mountains, medieval towns, castles all to yourself in a way. There is a lot of tourism there but it is more Spanish tourism or European tourism a bit too. You have got room to roam.

I recommend you try and see it all actually. That means you plop yourself down in the middle in that farm land in those small villages, you rent yourself a villa if you are traveling with a family or a number of people. Then go to the coast, hit some beaches for a day and then the next day you can go to the Pyrenees and do hiking. Then spend a couple of days in some of the villages that surround the area and might be known for wine or cava. I personally like the variety that you can get there.”

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This was the second episode 339

Daryl writes:

“I was looking at podcasts of Istanbul because we are hoping to go there and Morocco in 2014 and I downloaded a travel in 10 minute thing I heard you on an interview there. You are all over the place. Everything I do research I seem to come across you. Your Banff podcast is how I came your podcasts in the first place when we was planning our 2 month US/Canada trip in 2007 and it was when I first got my ipod.”

David writes:

“Every podcast increases my knowledge and encourages me to explore more of the world. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.”

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