The Greek Islands – Episode 94

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The Amateur Traveler talks to author Will Manus (This Way to Paradise – Dancing on the Tables, A Dog Called Leka) about the Greek Islands. Will and his wife stopped in Lindos on Rhodes on their honeymoon for 3 days and ended up staying 35 years. Learn what captured their hearts, what to see in the Greek islands, when to go and how to get around.


“Shoot A Pilot” – not something to say at an airport
Nudity has become an option – new X-ray screening machines coming
The Twisted Wrist Podcast
U.S. to temporarily relax new passport rules

Show Notes

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Other works by Willard Manus include Mott the Hoople (Life magazine called it “one of the funniest American novels ever.”).
Rhodes on the map
Greece on Foot: Mountain Treks, Island Trails book by Marc Dubin
Nisyros – Will’s second favorite island
Santorini – Tourism guide
Crete – tourism guide
Crete (Regional Guide)
Mykonos – tourism guide

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Internet Resources

Ferry schedules and timetables – 2007
Greek Ferry Schedules (


one of Chris’s poem was read on Rick Steve’s radio show
Amanda – how much do things cost?

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Michelle Gerdes


Leaving for Greece July 22 & very nerves (only 3 trip over seas). The podcast helped came me a bit. We will mostly stay on the mainland but I thing what Will had to say was helpful. I wish we didn’t have to go in the summer but we go for the European Jugglers Convention in Athens ( and can’t pick the dates. At least we can take two more weeks to explore Greece which many of our friends can’t do! I would like to have another episode on mainland Greece or maybe just add some links. I just bought the hiking book on Amazon for .48 cents + $3.99 shipping, what a deal. Thanks! MG



Thanks for sharing with us podcasts. I want to recommend also another travel Resource. It is Greek Ferries Center.
I had a very good support last summer traveling by ferry to Syros, Cyclades Islands.

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